LeVian 14K 2/3 cts Sapphire, Chocolate & Nude Diamond Band/Ring in Rose Gold Sz7

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Le Vian Ring featuring 1/2 cts. Pink Sapphire, 1/10 cts. Chocolate Diamonds®, 1/10 cts. Nude Diamonds™  set in 14K Rose Gold

Those born in September wear their birthstone, Sapphire, as a way to balance their mind, body, and soul. The sign of Taurus has Sapphire as its Zodiac stone. Sapphire has been sought-after by monarchs, noblemen, priests, aristocrats, and people of influence since time immemorial. Sapphires are classic, elegant, and luxurious while also suitable for everyday wear, making the gem the perfect gift for any occasion.

Chocolate Diamonds are Le Vian’s brand of brown or golden-hued natural diamonds, carefully selected for their rich deep colors. Only natural diamonds that meet Le Vian’s exacting standards of clarity, quality, cut, and color will be worthy of the name Chocolate Diamond®. According to Rio Tinto, the mining company that owns the Argyle mine where Chocolate Diamonds come from, fewer than 1% of all polished diamonds produced in the world qualify as Chocolate Diamonds®.