LeVian 925 Sterling Silver Black Sapphire Blue Zircon Flower Cocktail Halo Ring

  • Tag: SVGR 14
  • Type: Ring

Le Vian® Ring featuring 3 7/8 cts. Blackberry Sapphire™, 1 1/3 cts. Blueberry Zircon™, over .925 Sterling Silver

The Story

Sapphires are exceptional gemstones as they can endure scratches from any stone but diamonds (due to their hardness), making them very popular for industrial use. But what makes Sapphires truly desirable is their versatility in color and tone, attributes fit for personal indulgence and beautification.

They cover just about every color on the spectrum other than Red, but blue is the color most people associate with Sapphires. Throughout history, their wide range of blue tones elicited a majestic quality that seemed to capture the essence of the heavens. So, it’s no surprise that many cultures around the world have utilized Sapphires for the purposes of healing and protection.

The stone has been sought-after by monarchs, noblemen, priests, aristocrats, and people of influence since time immemorial. Sapphires are classic, elegant, and luxurious while also suitable for everyday wear, making the gem the perfect gift for any occasion.